How transportation professionals can limit liability after a crash – Fleet Owner

By Team Writer / July 29, 2019

Anyone in the transportation industry has to face the inevitability of a vehicle accident. This is especially true now that the demand for trucks, drivers and goods are higher than ever. If your driver was involved in an accident, they should be immediately tested for alcohol and drugs. In some situations, such as if there’s a fatality involved or the truck was towed, this is required by federal law. If the truck had a electronic control module attached, ensure that the truck is not restarted under any circumstances, to keep the last stop data from being erased. This is best accomplished by retaining an independent adjuster in the local area, who can arrive at the scene and preserve as much information as possible.

Key Takeaways:

  • The economy is booming and this has increased the demand for freights to carry more goods so that they are now looking for more drivers.
  • The competition to hire drivers is very favorable to the drivers because this has made them to demand more favorable conditions and their salary has increased.
  • The increase in demand in freight has resulted in something negative though and that is there is an increase in the number of accidents involving commercial vehicles.

“Anyone even loosely involved in the transportation industry is familiar with the increased demand and rapid growth the industry has experienced over the last few years.”

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