How to Make Three-Point Turns

By Team Writer / September 5, 2019

Just because three point turns are slow doesn’t mean it’s safe. Losing focus means backing into a curb, object, or pedestrian. Signal first, look over your shoulder, mirror check. Repeat with left side, and look for oncoming traffic. Steer all the way to the left and drive to the curb on the other side. Reverse the vehicle, back up, and steer wheel right while looking over right shoulder. At center, straighten out wheels, and steer in the direction you want to go.

Key Takeaways:

  • Requires following safety instructions such as signal, shoulder check, 360 degree scan among others
  • Depending on the direction, use their corresponding signal indicators to indicate your intent
  • Perform this turn when the traffic is low or near a road dead end

“Though it’s a relatively safe turn, when improperly executed, three-point turns can also result in fender benders or minor collisions.”

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