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By Team Writer / July 9, 2019

The author has repeatedly emphasized in his writings that fleets should learn how to manage the limited capital and human resources that they have taking into consideration the technological advancements and regulatory changes that they are faced with along with the fact that they also have driver and technician shortages. One option that is open to fleets to do this is outsourcing of the transportation function. Rather than carry out ownership of asset, a fleet can decide to lease assets. Rather than do maintenance of its vehicles, it can hire a company to carry it out for them. Also, there is the option of dedicated contract carriages that they can avail themselves of which is a trend in the operation of private fleets. Whatever the option that a fleet chooses, one thing it must make sure of is that it partners with a company that understands its needs and its operations. Some of the factors that a fleet can consider when contracting an outside company to do maintenance or provide dedicated contract carriage services would include the number of service bays that are required, number of required technicians and the technician’s certification level, as well as operating hours.

Key Takeaways:

  • You want to deal with a company that is transparent regarding their costs and earnings.
  • Other factors to consider are the number of service bays, the technicians’ training, and the company’s ability to digitally track maintenance.
  • You want to work with someone who understands your business, vision, and value and can offer you solid solutions.

“Fleets can also turn to dedicated contract carriage, an option that mimics the current operation of private fleets.”

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