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By Team Writer / July 5, 2019

One of the facts of life for fleets is roadside inspections. Any violation of the road safety laws can mean a lot for the reputation of the fleet and can include downtime for the fleet along with having a lower road safety score. To ensure a smooth inspect for fleets, road safety officials and inspectors have outlined a number of steps that fleets need to take. One of these is that fleets should always be ready for an inspection at any time of the day and these can help prevent a lot of fatalities. An expert also tells fleets to be extra vigilant during the Roadcheck blitz that is coming up from June 4 to June 6 all across the United States and would be carried out by the commercial vehicle safety association as part of their roadcheck 2019 campaign. A spokesperson for J.B. Hunt states that they take safety as top priority at the company and they always make sure that their trucks and drivers are available for safety checks at any time and any day. They state that they coordinate with their drivers and maintenance crew to make sure that they are doing all the necessary things that they should be checking for including air leaks.

Key Takeaways:

  • Having a road inspection is one fact of life that every fleet knows and a violation can cost them dearly in terms of their reputation.
  • An expert states that for fleets not to be caught wanting in violations, fleets should always make sure they are ready for an inspection.
  • J.B. Hunt’s director of safety states that the company is always ready to train its drivers about ways in which they would make safety a priority.

“However, law enforcement and industry officials said there are steps fleets and drivers can take to ensure a smooth inspection.”

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