How Telematics is Transforming Trailers

By Team Writer / November 13, 2021

Information technology in the form of telematics is the wave of the future. It is quickly transforming outdated analytical modes and overhauling industries. Pundits believe it has the power to completely outdate the current logistical norms for maintaining and managing freight in the trucking industry. That said, the trend has not gained full traction in the field yet. The complexity of the vehicles is one issue. Tractors are more component-heavy, which means that efforts to use telematics have so far focused on the tractor component, leaving aside the trailer. Since companies tend to keep their trailers for decades. So new technology would be less likely to gain ground by going through the trailer end of things. Nonetheless Smart technology is needed for trailers and has to gain ground for the industry to truly move forward. It’s been proposed that the move will happen when a big industry leader, for example, Amazon, makes the push for real change. Telematics has already been used for GPS purposes. But capabilities go far beyond this basic. Telematics has the capacity to prevent catastrophic accidents and streamline and enhance maintenance. It can also oversee and track freight from start to finish.

Key Takeaways:

  • Although logistical experts believe in the power of telematics, when it comes to transforming freight management, the dream is not yet realized.
  • Because of the numerous components that encompass the tractor part of the rig, as opposed to the trailer, telematic efforts have been aimed there first.
  • Trailer-focused telematics could be the next big thing, but it may take the muscle of a big fleet, like Amazon, demanding it to happen.

“So, until this white-hot trailer market cools off, he explains, most trailer makers aren’t putting a lot of emphasis on telematics options.”

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