Get ready for winter road conditions: Tips to choose the right brakes and stay safe

By Team Writer / February 1, 2017

When winter arrives, it inevitably brings with it challenging driving conditions. Snow and ice litter roadways, creating obstacles and causing unpredictable vehicle response. For example, most winters in the Northeast will see snowfall one out of every four days on average. Slippery conditions are difficult to avoid and preparation for driving during this time of year is essential. You can ensure your safety with conservative driving, adequate maintenance, and the use of quality brakes that are appropriate for your vehicle and application.

Key Takeaways:

  • Everyone dreads driving on icy winter roads. The decreased traction between your tire and the road can dramatically increase the braking distance of your vehicle. This causes serious misjudgments and surprise slips on the road.
  • To avoid accidents when driving in slippery conditions, be sure to keep more distance between you and vehicles ahead of you to anticipate this greater stopping distance.
  • When applying the brakes in icy conditions, steering problems can also occur. It is important to drive more slowly than in normal weather to allow time for correction. Understanding how your vehicle reacts to steering while skidding can prepare you for emergency maneuvers and reduce the likelihood of skids resulting in crashes.

“Everyone dreads driving on icy winter roads.”

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