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By Team Writer / June 19, 2019

Diesel technologies are presently being used in transportation and an expert states that despite the emergence of new technologies, the future is still bright. This positive forecast is because diesel technologies are improving their efficiency, having lower emissions, having biofuel capacities, and have value for moving freight that is a unique combination. Allan Schaeffer, a Diesel technology expert, shared his forecast with the authors about diesel technology during a forum at Fuels2019, a annual forum for fuel experts. He stated that diesel technology has had a continuous dominant role in commercial trucking and states that the future is still bright in that regard. Due to its unique combination of features, Schaeffer states, diesel will remain consistently the top most preferred fuel for commercial vehicles in the next five to fifteen years and even beyond. He noted that some inroad will be made in using hybrid fuel and hydrogen power vehicles but despite this, diesel will withstand the challenges and the competition. This is because many of these technologies are not yet fully developed and the capabilities of many of them are limited. He forecasts that an interest in biodiesel will be renewed as well as a near zero emission level in diesel technology will be achieved.

Key Takeaways:

  • In his speech on the efficiency of diesel fuel technology, Schaeffer stated that the technology is continually dominant in the trucking industry and would remain so.
  • There is a forecast made though that new technologies like hybrid and electric trucks will make inroads into the trucking industry soon.
  • According to a recent estimate more than one third of all trucks in the industry use a zero emission diesel technology to run.

“The future for diesel technologies in freight transportation is bright, even as new fuels and technologies enter the marketplace, thanks to diesel’s improving efficiency, even lower emissions, advanced biofuel capabilities and unique combination of value for moving freight.”

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