Freightliner Introduces Advanced Driving Aids for Big Rigs at CES

By Team Writer / April 18, 2019

Reputable auto brands such as Honda have been implementing software into their vehicles that assist drivers in a safer and hassle-free commute. Freightliner is now improving their own driving aid system, adding a pedestrian detection program to their vehicles. This innovative upgrade has high precision levels in detecting oncoming pedestrians with its built-in radar sensors, as well as a camera that can help the driver see any potential threats ahead of time, allowing them enough time to make a safe decision.

Key Takeaways:

  • To many the fact that driver assistance systems are being introduced on big rigs might come as a surprise because Honda has had it for years.
  • Driver assistance systems such as automatic headlights, automatic high beams, adaptive cruise control, and traffic sign recognition standard are being featured into Freightliner big rigs.
  • The adaptive cruise control is programmed to stop at traffic and resume automatically if the vehicle in front resumes within 2 seconds otherwise driver intervention is needed.

“Current Cascadias have had standard forward collision warning and automatic emergency braking for several years, but the latest system adds pedestrian detection to improve safety in urban areas.”

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