Ford Takes Action on Carbon Monoxide Concerns

By Team Writer / January 14, 2019

Ford Motor Company is planning to cover the costs associated with fixing police interceptor cars which are reportedly having issues with carbon monoxide. It appears upon examination that some cars have unsealed holes which may have happened in after market installation of emergency lighting systems. If these holes weren’t sealed properly, the exhaust can come into the cars. Ford will be sealing the rear of the vehicles to keep exhaust from entering the cars, providing new air conditioning systems, and checking exhaust manifolds for damage.

Key Takeaways:

  • According to a Ford executive who was reacting to a report that police was pulling Ford vehicles because of carbon monoxide concerns, Ford was taking this very seriously.
  • Ford has done an investigation and discovered holes and leaks in some vehicles installed with Police equipment that were delivered by Ford.
  • Ford has stated that for every hole discovered, it will seal off the holes at the rear where discovered, and provide new air conditioning calibration systems.

“To address these concerns, Ford stated the company will cover the costs of specific repairs in every Police Interceptor Utility that may have this concern, regardless of age, mileage, or aftermarket modifications made after purchase.”

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