Focus on steer axles: The importance of application and how they work with brakes and tires

By Team Writer / February 14, 2019

Every component of a truck is directly impacted by the application associated with the truck. The context in which the truck will be used determines how to avoid overloading the axles and shapes the optimum distribution of weight. Weight, turn width, disc brake characteristics and beam drop are all crucial factors for these decisions. For example, trucks that will need to navigate narrow roads or cramped environments need higher turn angles. Higher angles reduce the need for complicated multi-point turns.

Key Takeaways:

  • Application, application, application, is the mantra on the mind of the manager of a fleet. This is because all parts of a truck are affected by its application.
  • For better maintenance and mitigating axle overload situations, the fleet manager needs to know where and how the truck will be used.
  • The steer angle that is offered by axles has to be taken into account because for specific applications, high angle capability is important.

“As for steer axle maintenance, first and foremost it’s important to keep the axle’s recommended maintenance intervals, and the warranty that’s offered with purchase, at the top of your mind.”

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