FMCSA Clarifies Issuance of Commercial Learner’s Permits

By Team Writer / January 7, 2019

Driving a big rig is not easy, and neither is finding a job once one leaves the military. New regulations however might just help solve both issues. In Aug. 2016, the regulations were changed that for states wishing to do so, can administer knowledge test for one to get a commercial drivers license learners permit and those results can be sent to the persons state in which the reside, therefore making it easier to get license and move between states for military personnel.

Key Takeaways:

  • The new guidance states that states wishing to carry out the general tests must securely, directly and electronically transmit those tests to the applicant’s state of domicile.
  • The general guidance newly issued is in line with the agency’s October 13, 2016 final rule which seeks to ease military personnel transition to civilian careers.
  • The new guidelines issued in the Federal Registry on August 3 were meant as a limitation for out-of-state military personnel.

“Guidance just issued by the Federal Motor Carrier Administration clarifies that a state may accept applications for commercial learner’s permits and administer the general knowledge test to individuals who are not domiciled there.”

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