Fleets that don’t embrace technology might not live to tell the tale

By Team Writer / August 17, 2019

The freight industry is under pressure from competitors like Amazon, growing customer expectations, and increased environmental and worker regulations. Technology can help alleviate some of this pressure incrementally, by automating certain aspects of the process such as scheduling, plotting routes, and allocating drivers. Ideally, this will maximize efficiency. Technology also helps real world stores compete against online business by offering competitive shipping prices and speeds and helping manage customer expectations. Although the challenges remain, technology is essential for moving forward.

Key Takeaways:

  • The “Amazon effect” has put enormous pressure on the logistics and freight industry to become very efficient.
  • Fleets must use technology to track compliance with driver hours as well as tracking shipments.
  • Greatest advantage is to run as lean as possible in order to maximize profits while delivering goods and remaining in compliance.

“Salter pointed out how technology can help drive incremental changes to truck operations.”

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