Five Technology Trends that will Change the Trajectory of Global Fleet Management

By Team Writer / February 19, 2017

There are five technology trends that will alter the trajectory of Global Fleet Management. Watching how technology evolves outside of the fleet is a great way to understand what will happen. The fleet is not an innovator of technology, but it is an early adopter. The generational shift to digital natives is one way trends are changing.

Key Takeaways:

  • There will be a growing personal preference to communicate remotely versus driving in a vehicle to a specific location. Remote visualization will be viewed as a cost-effective and “smart” way to conduct business. Driving someplace to have the same one-hour meeting will increasingly be viewed as an “old school” business practice.
  • From a fleet perspective, there will be a tsunami of on-demand real-time actionable data from vehicle connectivity. Today, the cutting edge is predictive analytics; tomorrow, this will morph into prescriptive analytics. This new connectivity will allow for real-time automated data-enforced fleet policy generating real-time digital driver scorecards.
  • A generational transition is occurring in the workforce that will result in more tech-savvy management. Ultimately, in the not-too-distant future, the work environment will be dominated by “digital natives,” employees who have never known life without the Internet. This new workforce and management will demand and accelerate adoption of technological solutions in fleet operations.

“As society and all the devices used in our everyday life become connected to the Internet of Things, so too will the vehicle, which will be able to communicate vehicle-to-vehicle and have vehicle-to-infrastructure connectivity. From a fleet perspective, there will be a tsunami of on-demand real-time actionable data from vehicle connectivity.”


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