Fatal Accident Leads FMCSA to Investigate Small Alabama Carrier

By Team Writer / May 5, 2017

This carrier is being investigated now because this accident was fatal and that is obviously a serious thing. Loss of life always is and should never be taken lightly at all by anyone. What kinds of mistakes were made? Is this carrier doing other things wrong that could lead to more accidents? The investigation should uncover these things.

Key Takeaways:

  • The trucker admitted that he had fallen asleep while driving and investigators found that the driver did not have his records-of-duty status for the previous seven days and no valid medical certificate.
  • This led to a full post-crash investigation of the two-truck company, which found it to be in violation of multiple federal safety statutes and regulations.
  • Beyond that, J&L also failed to make sure its drivers were qualified, including not ensuring that drivers were licensed and physically qualified to operate a commercial vehicle

“A fatal accident involving a driver falling asleep at the wheel led the Federal Motor Carrier Administration to investigate Beatrice, Ala.-based J&L Trucking and order its vehicles off the road.”


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