Enhancing safety through lighting

By Team Writer / August 29, 2019

LED lighting systems, with their greater reliability and superior lifespans, can offer a significant safety advantage relative to older lighting systems. LED systems also have the advantage of generating light which is closer to sunlight than that from incandescent bulbs. It therefore makes perfect sense that over the last several years LED lighting systems have achieved a dramatic advantage in sales to the commercial vehicle industry over incandescent lights. LED lights can help make your vehicle more conspicuous and reduce the risk of a light failing unexpectedly.

Key Takeaways:

  • LED lighting is more reliable than incandescent lighting and has a superior quality.
  • In the future, lighting activated by sensors will become the standard.
  • Conspicuity tape loses its reflective quality over time, so it needs to be frequently inspected and replaced.

“Fleet Equipment asked Brett Johnson, president and chief executive officer of Optronics International, what fleets can do to enhance safety through lighting.”

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