Driving Volvo’s SuperTruck

By Team Writer / May 3, 2017

Although not the most over the top looks on the outside, underneath the hood of Volvo’s SuperTruck is quite the opposite. This truck drives off 35% less energy than the baseline model and also being super equipped with advanced technology, makes this truck hard to beat! This is definitely what one might consider “futuristic” in many ways and is for sure here to stay.

Key Takeaways:

  • What you can see of Volvo’s SuperTruck vehicle is pretty spectacular, though fairly plain at heart. It’s what you can’t see that stirs the imagination.
  • Volvo opened the doors to its SuperTruck to journalists for the first time in February, and my colleague, Senior Editor Jack Roberts, and I were the first two through the door.
  • This was an usual test drive experience in that we weren’t evaluating steering and braking and cab noise or even driver comfort. This drive was about experiencing the advanced technology born of the Department of Energy matching funding and getting a glimpse of what you could be driving two to five years from now.

“The trailer is fitted with a boat tail on the back, a gap-reduction device on the nose, and full-length and full-height skirts on the sides. Those skirts were widely criticized, as they have been on other SuperTruck projects, as being completely impractical in the real world. I get it, and Volvo does too.”


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