Don’t Overlook Trailer Anchor Points

By Team Writer / May 31, 2019

There are so many components to machines, especially semi-trucks, that it makes overlooking the quality and progression of wear and tear on certain parts difficult to keep track of. In their new write up, TruckingInfo discusses the importance of not overlooking anchor points at the trailer level. They point out that securement violations happen quite often and discuss the weight in which issues usually occur. The summary also goes on to discuss inspections, expected repairs and rub rails and wenches.

Key Takeaways:

  • Open deck or platform trailers are part of the cargo securement system and not merely a conveyance.
  • Trailers have anchor points that are routinely attached to other securement devices.
  • Although DOT officials note that such anchor points, such as pipe spools and winch rails, are rarely cited for violations, that should not lead to their being neglected and overlooked.

““Cargo securement violations are almost always insufficient or defective tie-downs vs. the actual trailers,” noted one trooper from North Dakota, relayed to us through Kerri Wirachowsky, director of roadside inspection programs at the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance.”

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