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By Team Writer / September 29, 2019

While there have been plenty of predictions of diesel’s decline, the fact of the matter is that diesel isn’t going anywhere. Diesel still provides the exact same features that made it so widely used in the first place, including superior range and efficiency, and sturdier engines. Consequently, while alternative energy solutions like hydrogen and fuel cell technology have made some inroads among off-highway fleets, on-highway fleets still makes extensive use of their diesel fleets, and are continuing to invest in them.

Key Takeaways:

  • Diesel still offers many of the same features that have made it so widely-used, including high efficiency and more durable engines.
  • Although alternative fuels have become more widely used with off-highway fleets, on-highway fleets still make extensive use of diesel.
  • There are wide variations between diesel fuel blends, which have different levels of cleanliness and lubricity.

“Due to heightened environmental concerns, along with the advent of alternative fuels and the potential of all-electric vehicles, some are questioning the future of diesel.”

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