Detroit Diesel to Pay $28.5 Million in Clean Air Act Settlement

By Team Writer / October 16, 2016

Recently there has been some insight given into Detroit Diesel having to pay twenty eight point five million dollars in the clean air act settlement. In particular this is part due to a combination of fines and funding for pollution reduction projects themselves in order to settle alleged violations of the clean air act the were not certified by the Environment Protection Agency.

Key Takeaways:

  • Detroit Diesel Corp. will pay $28.5 million, in a combination of fines and funding for pollution-reduction projects
  • The complaint also alleges that the engines did not conform to emission standards applicable to model year 2010 engines.
  • The engine maker then stored the short block engines temporarily and completed the remaining assembly in early 2010.

“This case demonstrates the critical importance of EPA’s vehicle and engine certification program to achieving the goals of the Clean Air Act.”

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