Delivery Fleet Customizes Low Cab Forward Truck

By Team Writer / April 4, 2017

A delivery fleet has customized a low cab forward truck. The customization allows the owner to have more versatility with it and it makes it a better truck all around. The vehicle was fitted with a custom bed as well, which made it even more valuable. The flatbed allows four or five pieces of power equipment at once.

Key Takeaways:

  • Don Harter was counting the days until Chevrolet brought back a new Low Cab Forward truck
  • Harter and his driver also love the maneuverability of the LCF, especially when making deliveries in neighborhoods. He refers to it as driving almost like a car.
  • So far, Harter’s driver has consistently been getting 14.5 to 16 miles to the gallon with the Chevrolet LCF’s newer engine technology.

“”Harter’s delivery fleet was the first small business to take delivery of the 2016 LCF.””

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