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By Team Writer / June 21, 2019

The capabilities of using onboard sensors and tracking of trailers have been on the increase and this increase has seen the rapid rise in the competition in the industry for tracking trailers. Many new businesses are entering the industry for tracking trailers and some of the new faces include Truck Lite, Phillips Industries, Peterson Manufacturing, and also Blackberry. More established companies who have been in the industry for years are also updating what they offer to the market and are becoming more sophisticated. Truck lite, which is a new entrant, is a major supplier of vehicle lighting, and it entered the trailer tracking industry with the introduction of its road ready system. This company is known for its data communications business since the 1990s and therefore it was just a natural fit for it to enter into the arena of wireless communication of information for tracking trailers and helping fleets know where their trailers are. This could help fleets in asset maintenance and management. This array of equipment and accessories are making trucks more sophisticated and is helping fleets to better manage their most important assets, the trucks that they manage and the drivers that drive them.

Key Takeaways:

  • It is reported that several companies who are competitors are now part of the trailer monitoring business and many have also jumped into it in recent years.
  • Truck lite, which is a company that manufactures and supplies commercial vehicle lighting, has made an entry into the trailer tracking business with its Road Ready system.
  • The sophistication of trailer equipment is increasing in recent times as many data companies are beginning to introduce smart components that would help fleets.

“As the capabilities of onboard sensors and trailer-tracking systems have expanded, so has the level of competition in this segment of the trucking technology market.”

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