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Cleaning Company Stocks Fleet with Police Cruisers

By Staff Writer / last month

One business owner took advantage of buying retired police cars when she found employees were reluctant to drive their own vehicles and that other options just didn’t work out as hoped for. For around $5000 per car, the owner was able to buy used police cars at auction. The cars, which are all Ford Crown […]


California Funds More Hydrogen Stations

By Staff Writer / last month

Equilon Enterprises LLC, a Houston based company was recently awarded $16 million to help develop hydrogen stations in California. The money was awarded by the California Energy Commission and the stations will be placed in San Francisco, Berkeley, Sacramento and Walnut Creek. Equilon Enterprises LLC has been commissioned to make 60 of these stations and […]


Special Report: Canada’s New Mandatory Driver Training Law

By Staff Writer / last month

Canada CDL applicants looking to get the behind the wheels of a big-rig must pass a rigorous training regime. At least 103.5 hours of certified training must be completed, while America will be contesting a mere 30 hours of training in 2020. Unfortunately, some schools and employers in Canada will be looking for shortcuts in […]


Ferrari Loses Testarossa Trademark in Germany

By Staff Writer / last month

The head of a German toy company has successfully sued Ferrari over the use of the name Testarossa for licensing products. The Italian auto maker has held the trademark on this name but not actively used it in over twenty years. The court upheld that since that was the case they no longer had the […]


FMCSA Clarifies Issuance of Commercial Learner’s Permits

By Staff Writer / last month

The FMCSA has clarified the issuance of commercial learner’s permits. Guidance was recently issued by the FMCSA that clarifies a state can accept applications for commercial learner’s permits and also administer the general knowledge test to people who are not actually domiciled there. States that choose to administer the general knowledge test must transmit the […]



By Staff Writer / last month

A wheel check can identify a loose wheel nut with a very simple visual inspection and it is also heat sensitive. If you practice preventive maintenance procedures and regular inspections, then unexpected and costly brake or bearing problems can be avoided. They are very important and will help people that drive trucks. Key Takeaways: preventive […]


How to Use the 2017 Ram 2500 Power Wagon’s Electric Winch

By Staff Writer / last month

The 2017 RAM 2500 Power Winch can prove to be extremely useful in many situations, if used correctly. The Power Winch can pull up to 1200 lbs and is successful in pulling out stuck or flipped vehicles, as demonstrated by MotorTrend. They also demonstrate the proper safety procedure for using the winch, which requires a […]


DOT Tries to Streamline Private Involvement in Transit Projects

By Staff Writer / last month

The Federal Transit Administration has a newly proposed law that would facilitate their regulatory and permit obtaining process, if the project claims it will attract more private investors. This law is titled the Private Investment Project Procedures and would help the government achieve higher interest from private contribution. The areas this would benefit would include […]


No Cab? No Driver? No Problem.

By Staff Writer / last month

The T Pod can be an alternative to a taxi or uber. This vehicle is fully autonomous, removing the need for a driver, and it is also able to take you to your desired destination. The company is currently working on expanding the number of vehicles it has out, and its goal is to have […]


Test Drive: Volvo’s VNR Could be an Urban Legend (in the Making)

By Staff Writer / last month

Volvo is releasing a new commercial truck platform, the VNR, to replace its now aged VNM series. Much thought was put into the new design that was made for drivers’ comfort and to improve function. The VNR series will come in three main configurations to fit the drivers’ resting needs for various length of trip. […]

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