Commentary: Electric Truck Progress is Real

By Team Writer / December 31, 2018

Electric options are advancing faster than can be imagined. Electric is the way to go for a cleaner future, and technology is advancing quickly. An electric vacuum cleaner may be better than the corded version, with a smaller engine and more suction power. Changing to electric is becoming a more viable option as electric is becoming more available and is competitive with diesel counterparts. Additionally, in some areas, there is a lack of infrastructure to handle the electrics or a lack of actual product.

Key Takeaways:

  • Advances in battery and electric motor production indicate that whereas a digital motor once weighed in at one third of a pound, the same motor is now about a quarter of a pound.
  • Moreover, whereas the third of a pound motor had 85 watts of suction power to offer, the newer units afford the user a whopping 290 air watts.
  • All these changes point to electrical vehicles becoming more widely available, sustainable and cost-effective for more types of motorists.

“Well, vacuum-cleaner star James Dyson offers evidence that battery and electric motor technology are advancing more quickly than most of us think, according to an article by Nathaniel Bullard on”

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