Coach Your Drivers to Better MPG

By Team Writer / June 23, 2019

For business fleet owners, fuel economy has a big impact on the company’s bottom line. Conserving fuel begins with the driver. Smooth driving – i.e., gradual acceleration and soft breaking – will have a positive impact on MPG. The use of cruise control is an important tool in achieving this. In addition, avoiding high speeds, excessive weight and idling will save fuel. On the maintenance side, be sure to keep engines tuned and tires properly inflated. Even keeping gas caps tightened helps by preventing fumes from escaping. Following these and other tips will reduce fleet fuel costs and increase your bottom line.

Key Takeaways:

  • Smooth driving saves fuel and also reduces the wear and tear on tires, breaks, and the driveline.
  • Stock the truck with what you need for the job and avoid bringing any heavy, unnecessary items that will weigh down the truck.
  • Combine numerous short trips into one, longer trip as this will make your engine run more efficiently.

“Trucks are part of this mission, but purchase price, reliability, cost of service and parts, and resale value are often viewed by small fleets as more important than your trucks’ miles per gallon.”

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