Cleaning Company Stocks Fleet with Police Cruisers

By Team Writer / August 19, 2017

One business owner took advantage of buying retired police cars when she found employees were reluctant to drive their own vehicles and that other options just didn’t work out as hoped for. For around $5000 per car, the owner was able to buy used police cars at auction. The cars, which are all Ford Crown Victorias, tend to lend themselves to the needs of the company and are very eye catching.

Key Takeaways:

  • Wendy Clark, an owner of a cleaning business, created a vehicle fleet in order to improve efficiency.
  • Clark encountered several obstacles such as finding cheap cars and her workers not knowing how to drive.
  • Clark found success in purchasing used police cars and then redesigning their exterior for the purpose of her business.

“Clark remembered a tip from money management guru Dave Ramsey to buy used cars at auctions.”

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