Clean up your fuel efficiency this New Year – Fleet Owner

By Team Writer / May 30, 2019

For a fleet owner, increasing fuel efficiency can have multiple benefits. The New Year is the perfect time to assess improvements to your fleet’s fuel system. The first stop is looking at the quality of the fuel itself. Better diesel fuel can leave fewer deposits and increase efficiency by up to 5%. Look at your fuel storage system to make sure it is appropriately sized and has been cleaned. Also you can make the billing process more efficient to help save time processing invoices.

Key Takeaways:

  • The new year is seen as a perfect time for companies to start reassessing what works and what doesn’t in their operations.
  • One of the steps to cleaning up a fleet’s fuel system is to maximize its current equipment because down equipment can spell trouble.
  • For an average Commercial Class 8 truck which is estimated to use about 20,500 gallons of fuel a year, a 5% fuel savings is a great deal of savings.

“Fuel efficiency is about far more than just mileage for a fleet owner. It’s about how hard all the components of your fueling system are working for your operation.”

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