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The importance of electrical wiring

By Team Writer / August 31, 2019

Having proper electrical wiring is crucial and can prevent costly failures. Corrosion can cause a lot of trouble, so you want to make sure your wiring is noncorrosive. Make sure to use quality, sturdy connectors. Having a proper electrical harness system that can cope with difficult weather is a necessity for having a good electrical […]


Enhancing safety through lighting

By Team Writer / August 29, 2019

LED lighting systems, with their greater reliability and superior lifespans, can offer a significant safety advantage relative to older lighting systems. LED systems also have the advantage of generating light which is closer to sunlight than that from incandescent bulbs. It therefore makes perfect sense that over the last several years LED lighting systems have […]


Talent Wanted: Truck Technicians – Transport Topics Online

By Team Writer / August 27, 2019

The trucking industry is hemorrhaging, with more and more of its people retiring and a dearth of younger people to fill in the openings. The industry is trying creative ways to focus on recruiting newcomers to the industry. One challenge they’re trying to overcome is the perception that truck work is a low-talent skill and […]


Pace Transportation becomes Stoughton Dealer – Fleet Owner

By Team Writer / August 25, 2019

Pace Transportation, the company formerly known as Pace Trailer, recently became a member of the Stoughton Trailer network of dealers in Michigan. They have set up a trailer available for testing for those who may be interested in owning a Stoughton van or trailer, but who wish to test it first. They also offer services […]


The Technician’s Vital Role in Trucking – Transport Topics Online

By Team Writer / August 21, 2019

An important component in the trucking pipeline is the technician, who allows the truck driver to complete their transport jobs by servicing and repairing the trucks. There is a shortage of technicians, and the industry must attract new techs. It is a rewarding job with opportunities for lucrative compensation and advancement, but it faces the […]


Commercial vehicle battery testing and maintenance

By Team Writer / August 19, 2019

The electric systems in trucks are more complicated and computerized than ever before, with a wide array of parts controlling a broad range of systems. It is essential for vehicle fleets that all electrical systems have a steady supply of voltage, and this comes down to the battery. Servicing the battery properly prevents issues that […]

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