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How Telematics is Transforming Trailers

By Team Writer / November 13, 2021

Information technology in the form of telematics is the wave of the future. It is quickly transforming outdated analytical modes and overhauling industries. Pundits believe it has the power to completely outdate the current logistical norms for maintaining and managing freight in the trucking industry. That said, the trend has not gained full traction in […]


Troubleshooting, Diagnosing Advanced Safety Systems

By Team Writer / November 11, 2021

Proper maintenance of heavy vehicles like trucks and construction equipment was centered around the engine and mechanical systems for decades. This principle was significantly changed with introduction of many electronic systems that serve to optimize the performance and to make the vehicle and its operation safe. This also means that technicians maintaining fleets need to […]


Top 12 Tips for Bumper-To-Bumper Winter Prep

By Team Writer / November 9, 2021

Inevitably, winter is on its way and certain part of the country are already experiencing inclement weather. For large parts of the nation, winter means low temperatures, occasional snow and ice. Those living in such areas should prepare their vehicles for winter season. Electronics should be checked, including connections to the systems providing metrics and […]


Where to Now for Diesels?

By Team Writer / November 7, 2021

It’s obvious that battery-electric and fuel-cell driven vehicles are on the horizon. That said, for now it’s not likely that diesel engines are going to go the way of the Dodo bird anytime soon. The diesel engine is renowned for it’s durable reliability, maintainability and affordability. In the interim, there is a big push in […]


Will Air Brakes Fade Away?

By Team Writer / November 7, 2021

The logistics industry has had pressure to upgrade the braking ability of its vehicles for some time now. Since 2005, federal strictures have been in place that have mandated new and better stopping distances. To that end, a great many improvements have come down the pike. Hill starts have been the focus of some of […]


Truck Drivers, Techs Most Satisfied at Smaller Fleets

By Team Writer / November 3, 2021

WorkHound issued its mid-year report based on surveys with more than 10,000 trucking company drivers, technicians and office staff. The report found that these workers are more satisfied at small- or mid-sized companies. In comparison, workers at larger companies were less likely to share positive feedback. Experts suggest that communication may be the issue, with […]


Top Commercial Truck Tire Sizes Identified

By Team Writer / December 2, 2019

In its latest fact book that reports on tires and their uses, the US tire manufacturers association (USTMA) has identified the top original equipment manufacturer and aftermarket tire sizes for the year 2018. One category that was listed was top tires that were added to new trucks. The sizes listed as having the top five […]

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