California Funds More Hydrogen Stations

By Team Writer / August 18, 2017

Equilon Enterprises LLC, a Houston based company was recently awarded $16 million to help develop hydrogen stations in California. The money was awarded by the California Energy Commission and the stations will be placed in San Francisco, Berkeley, Sacramento and Walnut Creek. Equilon Enterprises LLC has been commissioned to make 60 of these stations and already have 29 that are up and running throughout the United States.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Californian Government is investing in Hydrogen stations
  • The Californian Energy Commission has paid 16 million dollars toward new Hydrogen stations in Northern California.
  • Currently 29 of 60 hydrogen stations funded by this investment are open.

“The California Energy Commission has awarded $16 million to a Houston-based company to develop seven new hydrogen stations in the northern part of the state, according to a release.”

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