California Funds More Hydrogen Stations

By Team Writer / February 18, 2019

Houston-based Equilon Enterprises, an affiliate of Shell, has just received a $16 million contract from the California Energy Commission. Equilon will be required to build three new hydrogen fueling stations in San Francisco, another pair of them in Sacramento, and one each in Walnut and in Berkeley. This new contract, approved in summer 2017, will bring the total number of hydrogen stations funded by the California Energy Commission up to 60, with 29 of those being operational.

Key Takeaways:

  • Of the seven hydrogen stations which were awarded, three will be in San Francisco, and two in Sacramento. The remaining two will be in Walnut Creek and Berkeley.
  • The grant for seven hydrogen stations was awarded to Equilon Enterprises LLC whose business name is also Shell Oil Products US.
  • The California Energy commission has so far commissioned 60 projects all over the state. Of these 60, 29 are presently in operation.

“The California Energy Commission has awarded $16 million to a Houston-based company to develop seven new hydrogen stations in the northern part of the state, according to a release.”

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