Calif. County Expects to Save $2M Through Leasing

By Team Writer / May 2, 2019

Kern County in California is expecting to save over two million dollars by leasing their fleet vehicles. By leasing they will avoid the higher cost of flee maintenance rates that they typically have to pay on a monthly basis. Since this particular country maintenance over 111 different fleet vehicles, this is sure to help save in several areas. Under this new plan, they will also be able to get their vehicles serviced in several different areas aside from their sole fleet garage.

Key Takeaways:

  • According to a report by Enterprise Fleet management, it will partner with Kern County, California, to help it save $2 million in vehicle maintenance replacement costs over five years.
  • Kern County really needed the savings because it has experience significant cuts to its fleet budget for eight consecutive years.
  • The county has been keeping fleets that are more than ten years old in its fleet thereby occasioning increased maintenance fees and longer downtime for vehicles.

“As part of the initial pilot program, Enterprise Fleet Management helped Kern County acquire and manage a fleet of 111 vehicles. The county has more than 350 10-year-old vehicles in its fleet and anticipates even greater cost savings as the program is scaled in the future.”

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