Calif. City to Deploy Battery-Electric Garbage Truck

By Team Writer / July 3, 2017

The Class 8 electric refuse vehicle (ERV) is powered by Motiv Power Systems’ scalable and modular electric powertrain and will be built on a Crane Carrier chassis, with a Loadmaster body. “Reducing harmful vehicle emissions in the Sacramento region is a primary focus of our sustainability policy, and the most effective way to achieve that goal is to implement electric vehicles into our fleet.” The City of Sacramento intends to prove that all-electric refuse trucks are the future of the industry, and we anticipate igniting that trend.

Key Takeaways:

  • California will soon be the first using battery operated garbage trucks.
  • In an attempt to help reduce emissions in the Sacramento area, the city believes this is a step in the right direction
  • They are partnering with the company Motiv Power Systems to design and implement these trucks into their fleet.

“The City of Sacramento, Calif., will soon be using the state’s first battery-electric automated left-side loader garbage truck.”

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