Best Transportation Adds BYD Electric Tractor to Fleet

By Team Writer / October 5, 2019

Best Transportation’s fleet has added a Class A Tractor to its arsenal; the tractor is fully electric. The tractor excelled at its first mission, going to the Maher Terminal to get a container, and bringing that container to a secondary location. Best Transportation has even received an award, as the first trucking fleet to transport a container from New Jersey and New York’s ports while utilizing only an electric vehicle. This is the first of many commercial trucks Best Transportation is testing and developing, wanting to take advantage of the new technological territory.

Key Takeaways:

  • This company works towards difficult goals that impact both their company and the environment
  • Commercial vehicles are the number one offender of environmental decomposition in the US
  • Sustainability should be a main concern for the future of transportation globally

“The BYD Zero Emissions On-Highway Tractor gave the fleet the honor of being the first trucking company to move a container from the Port of New York and New Jersey using an electric vehicle. Best Transportation called it the first step in its plan to increase the number of electric vehicles in its fleet.”

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