Bendix-Based Safety System Standard on Volvo VNL and VNR Models

By Team Writer / July 25, 2017

Volvo Active Driver Assists provides computer technology to help increase safety for everyone travelling on the road. The technology incorporates video and radar to help trucks navigate out on the roads. There is an even an optional feature to address the blindspot issue something that was fearful in the past. Volvo Trucks has been in operation since 1927.

Key Takeaways:

  • Volvo’s are safer than other cars
  • How the safety measures work as far as “Volvo Active Driver Assist”
  • “Making Volvo Active Driver Assist with Bendix Wingman Fusion™ standard in Volvo VNR and VNL models demonstrates how Volvo cares more about safety than most other options.

“Volvo engineers said these technologies – working together and not just in parallel – along with powerful next-generation computing, create a system that typically assesses situations faster and reacts earlier, while also significantly reducing false alerts and false interventions.”

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