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By Team Writer / June 13, 2019

Munich-based engineering has produced Germany’s first stretch of electric highway on the A5 Autobahn. An active pantograph transmits energy from the overhead contact lines to the electric motor powering the eHighway truck. The remaining sections of road have a hybrid drive. In 2016 similar designs of electric highways have been tested in Sweden and the United States. The Sweden trials use two diesel hybrid vehicles. In Southern California, the tests of the electric highway system aims to create an option to reduce local air pollution with this technology.

Key Takeaways:

  • An electric-highway of roughly six miles long was recently opened near Frankfurt, Germany.
  • The pantograph is the primary piece that makes the electric-highway run by transmitting energy to the vehicles.
  • This type of e-highway is being looked at in other places like southern California as well.

“According to Siemen’s eHighway brochure, the key innovation is the active pantograph, capable of connecting while driving at any highway speed, estimating more than 80% efficiency level with overhead contact lines.”

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