Auto Overlords Sink Their Teeth Into $700B Trucking Industry Pie

By Team Writer / March 28, 2017

Overlords in the auto industry have sunken their teeth into a 700 billion dollar trucking industry pie. There is a shift going on in how the industry operates. There is a lot of change going on and the new direction is something to pay serious attention to. In just a few decades from now, C.W. McCall’s Convoy is going to seem very quaint.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Freightliner Inspiration is semi-autonomous—it only takes over driving from humans on an interstate, and if things get confusing for the sensors and computer, it prods the human driver to take over.
  • Last year, Uber bought self-driving big rig start-up Otto and announced its plans to get a fleet of 15 self-driving cargo trucks on the road this year.
  • There are a rash of startups competing with Daimler, GM and other automakers to have their automation systems be the ones that America’s trucking fleet adopts as it moves to a driverless future.

“We’re witnessing a shift in how an industry operates. In a few decades, C.W. McCall’s ” Convoy ” is going to seem as quaint as ballads about blacksmiths.”

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