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Five Best Practices in Transportation Telematics – SupplyChainBrain

By Team Writer / July 21, 2019

Working in an industry like transportation is no easy feat. There are many factors that need to be considered when working with moving parts, so Chris Reardon has summarized the 5 practices that you need to perfect to be successful in this field. From measuring your employee and driver’s speed, identifying mandatory equipment, enforcing all […]


Tire Data I Wish I’d Had as a Fleet Manager

By Team Writer / July 19, 2019

Tires have always been one of the major fleet expense categories, but until recently there haven’t been many good software options available to support more efficient and effective use of tires. Now, however, there’s Revvo, which uses sensors mounted on the insides of tires to collect data on metrics such as tire pressure, alignment, road […]


The roadside inspection process starts with a look – Fleet Owner

By Team Writer / July 17, 2019

Drivers should realize that when law enforcement are doing roadside inspections, they take a first look at the appearance of the vehicle and want to see whether it has dents, scratches, or is clean. These are telltale signs to them of whether the driver is a careful driver that maintains his vehicle. Brian Mofford, vice […]


How Fleets Can Be Proactive With Tire Safety

By Team Writer / July 13, 2019

Many drivers give their tires a good kick in the tread early in the morning to gauge the condition of the tire. Although this is not enough, but it is still better than not doing any check at all because at least the driver would know whether the tire still has air or not. While […]


How to choose the right outsource provider – Fleet Owner

By Team Writer / July 9, 2019

The author has repeatedly emphasized in his writings that fleets should learn how to manage the limited capital and human resources that they have taking into consideration the technological advancements and regulatory changes that they are faced with along with the fact that they also have driver and technician shortages. One option that is open […]

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