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Report: Public Agencies Should Buy Smaller, Safer Trucks

By Team Writer / 8 hours ago

Public service and safety vehicles are involved in a larger accident rate per capita than any other vehicle. One thing that might help this is designing a better vehicle to accommodate the job it does. This is a complex matter , as first response vehicles typically carry large of heavy amounts of cargo, such as […]


How to Use the 2017 Ram 2500 Power Wagon’s Electric Winch

By Team Writer / a few days ago

If you’re ever faced with an emergency that requires you to tow another vehicle to a different location, then knowing how to set up your Ram’s electric winch will be a top priority. You’re going to want to connect the controller onto the plug after the anchor has been set into place. Then you can […]


Answers Still Vague in Horrific La Mesa Big Rig Accident

By Team Writer / 7 days ago

A recent accident that occurred in the city of La Mesa unfortunately ended fatally for a mother and daughter, with another young girl experiencing critical injuries. La Mesa residents are in shock when it comes to how vague the details surrounding the crash are, and they are even more flabbergasted by how poorly it was […]


Why 3 in 10 Fleets Aren’t ELD Compliant

By Team Writer / a couple of weeks ago

ELD stands for electronic logging device, and regulations were put into place in December of 2017 to mandate certain specifications for truckers to follow. Oftentimes, fleets are not compliant to these guidelines because the drivers refuse to take part in the appropriate training when it comes to operational safety. Taking part in the course training […]


TMC Calls for Proactive Tire Pressure Management System

By Team Writer / a couple of weeks ago

TMC stands for the Technology & Maintenance Council, and they are responsible for setting industry standards in the management of tire pressure in common vehicles. By finding the perfect amount of tire pressure, the council analyzed three different attributes: load capacity, driving forces, braking forces, and environmental resistance. Each individual vehicle should have their own […]


2019 Vehicles Increase Advanced Steel Content

By Team Writer / 3 weeks ago

The new structures made of high-steel located in modern vehicles are ensuring that cars are much more durable than they once were. Enhanced durability leads to higher amounts of longevity, which is something any consumer would love to invest in. Some examples of auto companies using high-steel in their manufacturers are Volkswagen’s 2019 Jetta and […]

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