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Video New Bulletproof Cybertruck by Tesla

By Marc Ready / November 22, 2019

Check out this new Cybertruck coming soon from Tesla It has a 500 mile range and does zero to 60 in 2.9 seconds Oh and they don’t call the bed a bed, they call it a vault! 14,000 lbs towing and payload of 3500 lbs


Anheuser-Busch Orders Tesla Electric Semi-Trucks

By Marc Ready / December 12, 2017

It’s being reported that one of Teslas Largest orders so far is going to the beer giant.     The Tesla Semi 07 will be a big rig that can serve regional areas. They claim it will have a range of 500 miles fully loaded before needing to be recharged. It will have an amazing […]


Is A Fleet Manager Career Right For You?

By Marc Ready / October 17, 2017

There are many opportunities for a young man or woman who is considering a career in the transportation industry. One of the better choices would be to plan your career around becoming a fleet manager. This person can provide a key pivotal role for any transportation or logistics company. They will have a lot of […]


Reasons To Use Preventive Maintenance Software

By Marc Ready / September 12, 2016

The best form of maintenance is preventative maintenance. Why wait until the system has crashed and burned to start repairing your asset? Is that the right approach to take? Let’s say you have a truck in place, and it is a core component of your business, would it be wise to let it grind into […]


18 Effective Truck Fleet Management Tips

By Marc Ready / September 9, 2016

Truck fleet management is increasingly becoming a large industry and management solutions are also increasing equally in number thanks to the technological advancements of today. In fact, it is provable that even the most minimal of changes can lead to significant bumps in profits. Here are the top truck fleet management tips. 1. Controlling Fleet […]