Addressing uptime and driver retention with the proper equipment

By Team Writer / September 13, 2019

Two very important considerations for fleets in the truck industry are uptime and driver retention. The Hendrickson Company’s ZMD air spring seeks to alleviate both of these concerns, and provide a product that requires no maintenance at all. It uses pressurized air to create a shock absorbing mechanism, which results in a better truck as well as a better experience for drivers. In this way, the ZMD is able to save fleet managers money, and provide a good ride for drivers at the same time.

Key Takeaways:

  • Hendrickson’s ZMD (Zero Maintenance Damping) air spring was designed to replace shock absorbers, which wear down over time.
  • The ZMD relies on pressurized air rather than hydraulic fluid or internal moving parts, so it will not lose its damping capacity over time.
  • Trials have shown that truck drivers like the ZMD system because they do not feel the ‘kidney punch’ or ‘back slap’ that occurs with shocks.

“Two things that are on fleet managers’ minds pretty much every day: uptime and driver retention.”

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