60 Percent of U.S. Drivers Are Unfamiliar with EVs, Survey Says

By Team Writer / January 8, 2017

Electric cars are here and as long as gas prices keep fluctuating and rising, the demand for all electric and self-driving will only go up. However many Americans aren’t convinced it’s the better option. Concerns such as price, availability and maintenance are taken into consideration for drivers who commute a lot. Yet, statistically speaking electric cars can help people more than they realize.

Key Takeaways:

  • When drivers were asked about reasons they wouldn’t opt for an EV, 85 percent noted a lack of charging stations. Other reasons include high costs (83 percent) and uncertainty over how long they would take to charge (74 percent).
  • The survey also notes that range anxiety is a widespread concern, no matter how long a person’s commute.
  • It was an issue for 87 percent of those with a commute of more than three hours, and 72 percent of those with commutes under one hour a day.

“Price matters, and our analysis shows that more affordable models would go a long way to changing the perception that EVs are luxury items for the urban elite.”


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