5 Ways to Coach Truck Drivers Using Telematics

By Team Writer / December 9, 2021

Telemetry, remote sensing and measurements are nowadays quite common in the trucks all over the world. The technology is intelligent and optimize the performance of truck systems, as well as the operation and routing. These data systems provide valuable information to operators, as they can now identify areas of inefficiencies, whether it is their driving, fuel consumption or unnecessary idling. This enables those training for drivers to focus on specific areas where need has been identified. As a result, the drivers should be less likely to be involved in accidents.

Key Takeaways:

  • Make sure to use peer reviews as they are some of the most experienced drivers.
  • Celebrate the positives because there are going to be some misses in the process but you don’t want to dwell on them.
  • Make sure to establish rules and regulations so that every one of the drivers is on the same page.

“Using telematics as a driver coaching tool can improve driver performance, boosting fleet fuel economy and reducing idling.”

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