3 Things to Know About Comdata’s National Account Tire Pricing

By Team Writer / October 7, 2019

For the 100,000+ users of the Comdata MyFleet card, there are over 4,000 locations to choose from for tire buying. Comdata claims the discount can help fleets to save 65% on tires. Justin King, a senior vice president at FleetCor Technologies, says they will be soon be announcing their official partner tire manufacturers. Participating locations include trucks stops and commercial tire dealers, and there is a dedicated team of tire specialists and a web portal to help customers find a place of installation. King further explains that customers can go to a nearby dealer, tell them they are program members, and select tires from a manufacturer of choice.

Key Takeaways:

  • Limitations on how tires are purchased become moot if you’re a part of the program
  • Innovation with program rewards are a main focus of this company’s mission
  • MTD recognizes that choice is important to the customer and have added many brands to their program

“The dealer network includes over 4,000 locations, including truck stops and commercial tire resellers that participate in national account programs with the manufacturers.”

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