2017 Fleet Management Trends: Automotive Industry

By Team Writer / January 23, 2017

Starting in 2017 new vehicle fleets will be deployed that use new technology including clean energy and on board connectivity. Ride sharing will also be widely used. This will be done in hopes to better manage fleet based automotive industries.

Key Takeaways:

  • Ride sharing should play a greater role in fleet management as a way to minimize fleet costs.
  • The coming year in the automotive industry will bring more connected fleet vehicles, increased use of alternative fuels, ride sharing as a cost-reduction strategy and more semi-autonomous features in new vehicles, according to fleet management company experts.
  • “Predictive analytics will advance strategies aimed at improving safety and compliance, reducing downtime and driving down spend.”

“More connected vehicles will advance safety by reducing risky driver behaviors through the use of telematics and other vehicle-intelligent technologies, and by providing better data around vehicle utilization and diagnostics, said Zingha Lucien, manager of strategic consulting with Element Fleet Management.”


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