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By Team Writer / June 27, 2019

There has been an increased demand for drivers in the area where the Guilford Technical community college (GTCC) is operating and to help fill this demand the school has started a truck driving school. The GTCC president made the announcement this week during the school’s meeting at the Cameron campus. To kickstart the school, they have procured two tractors which are not the type used for farming but of the trailer-truck type which they will use to teach students how to drive big rigs. The school expects that many persons will be interested in the program because there is a high demand for drivers of big rigs in the area. The Chairman of Guilford county board of Commissioners, Alan Branson, runs a company that is involved in trucking and he has stated that his company like many others would appreciate the program because they are in need of persons to fill their driver vacancies. He said that a lot of their present truck drivers are getting old and they need younger persons for the job. The new program being started by GTCC will help make young people to be interested in driving trucks and fill the demand in the area.

Key Takeaways:

  • A truck driving school is being started by the Guilford Technical Community College in order to help fill the rising demand for available jobs in the area.
  • Students will be trained on how they can drive big rigs and that is why the school has procured two trailer tractors for that purpose.
  • The area has been said by many persons to be one where many businesses are looking for drivers but cannot find any.

“GTCC President Randy Parker announced the new program this week at a meeting of the Guilford County Economic Development Alliance (GCEDA) at the community college’s Cameron Campus in Colfax.”

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