Options for managing outsourced service providers

There are options for managing outsourced service providers. The vehicles that are made today have a lot more sensors in them and they provide very useful information. But, the tooling, the software and the training all come at a high price. The investments that are required for shop technology and technician training resources are causing fleets to outsource.

Key Takeaways:

  • Outsourced and managed care maintenance service providers are also making it more valuable for fleets to use their services by employing the latest information management technologies.
  • What outsourcing does is bring management practices together and creates a safety net that helps ensure that service quality is high and costs are down
  • Aside from the potential to reduce costs and improve cash flow, one of the most important benefits of outsourcing is allocation of resources

“National providers of outsourced maintenance services have proven consistent processes that improve asset reliability and lower total cost of ownership.”


Cummins, Valvoline Premium Blue extend oil drain intervals by 10,000 miles

Cummins and Valvoline Premium Blue are extending their oil drain intervals by 10,000 miles. They have both announced that Valvoline Premium Blue Heavy Duty Engine Oil is proven to extend oil drain intervals for an extended 10,000 miles. These results were proven through very extensive collaborative development.

Cummins, Valvoline Premium Blue extend oil drain intervals by 10,000 miles

Peterbilt’s new Model 220 features said to offer weight savings and increased efficiency

Peterbilt has added many new features to the Model 220 that will surely be a hit. Some of these features include enhanced PTO clearance, and a newly designed vertical exhaust system. This new design makes the truck much lighter, saving about 100 lbs per truck. Overall these improvements should make the truck lighter, cheaper, and more efficient.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Peterbilt Model 220 has new design features and options that result in weight savings, better performance and improved serviceability.
  • Among the new features is a redesigned vertical exhaust and a smaller battery box.
  • This new design allows body outfitters to complete their work more efficiently and with reduced downtime for our customers.

“The battery box cover is now made from lighter-weight aluminum instead of steel.”


Kolman’s Komments: A peek into the truck power management crystal ball

Truck power management is set to evolve over the next several years. Larry Bennett, the director of Vehicle Technical Innovation at the Eaton group states that he foresees several important technological changes. Some of these changes include: Over the air programming, and smart-charging of vehicles. These technologies, applied to power trucks, should lead to great improvements in the coming years.

Key Takeaways:

  • Future truck trends will incorporate clean technology and environmental, regulational and societal concerns..
  • Larry Bennett, director of the Vehicle Technical Innovation Center at power management company Eaton’s Vehicle Group, foresees the growth of automated manual and duel clutch transmissions.
  • He also foresees electro-mechanical valve-train actuation and the transfer of passenger car valve-train technology to commercial vehicles.

“He also says there will be more electrocution of trucks to power accessories in order to reduce parasitic losses.”


2017 Work Truck Show in Pictures

The 2017 work truck show showcased many new work trucks that will be hitting the market. Some of the trucks include a catering truck, a new Mercedes-Benz van, and new engines and components that will be going into the next generation of work vehicles. These new and exciting technologies are sure to help many companies accomplish the work they are hoping to accomplish.

2017 Work Truck Show in Pictures

UPS Invests More Than $90M In Natural Gas

The UPS has announce plants to invest 90 million dollars in fueling stations and trucks that depend on natural gas. The agency has committed itself since 2008 in investing in alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles. By avoiding diesel and conventional gas to power their vehicles, the UPS has successfully decreased it’s CO2 emissions and remains committed to continuing to do so.

UPS Invests More Than $90M In Natural Gas

Trump Advisers Propose Arbitration To Speed Infrastructure Plans

Currently, infrastructure permit processing times in the US can delay construction for an average of 10 years, as opposed to an average of 2 years in Australia, Canada, and Germany. In an effort to quickly create more jobs, the Trump administration is proposing a program that would expedite the process so that work on infrastructure projects can begin sooner. Environmental groups are concerned that the proposal could lead to negative effects on the environment.

Key Takeaways:

  • Arbitration techniques already used in bankruptcy courts, may serve as a blueprint for getting infrastructure programs up and running.
  • Infrastructure programs, which can be notoriously difficult to get underway due to regulatory hitches, may benefit from such mediation techniques.
  • With an authority figure, available to mediate and proven arbitration techniques implemented, much might be done to alleviate EPA concerns and get potentially slowed infrastructure advances underway.

“Reuters reports an advisory council on infrastructure has proposed an arbitration-style pilot program to cut the lengthy permit processing time it takes to break ground on projects, without short-changing environmental standards.”


Mack Brings Uptime Solutions to ‘Legacy’ Vehicles

Mack trucks is going to start adding Geotab telemetrics solutions to its newest line of trucks. This is a particularly valuable addition because it will allow mechanics to remotely diagnose problems with the trucks in real time, allowing for prompt and effective repair. This also allows for truck repair scheduling.

Key Takeaways:

  • Mack Trucks is bringing its telematics-driven uptime solutions to customers with older Mack vehicles, the company announced at the NTEA Work Truck Show in Indianapolis.
  • The company is working with telematics technology provider Geotab to offer connectivity for older Mack trucks that are not equipped with Mack’s GuardDog Connect telematics hardware.
  • Mack’s GuardDog Connect service contact for legacy vehicles, which includes the Geotab vehicle tracking device, will be available for order through Mack dealers beginning May 1 and is compatible with all model year 2011 and newer Mack vehicles equipped with Mack engines.

“By installing a small Geotab telematics device, the Mack Uptime Center will be able to monitor the same critical vehicle codes as Mack’s GuardDog Connect hardware.”


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