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Two Alabama Cities Merge Fleet Maintenance Services

The City of Pelham in Alabama will now have its fleet vehicles serviced by technicians in Hoover. Hoover has new software that specializes in fleet management and maintenance which could greatly benefit fleet vehicles in the City of Pelham. It took a total of eight months to address any flaws within the contract and finally submit it for approval. Any mechanics that have not been hired during the initial process have been promised that they will be first in line when a position opens up.

Key Takeaways:

  • The city of Hoover, Ala., and the city of Pelham have entered into a five year fleet management agreement that goes into effect in February.
  • In their agreement which was painstaking, the cities worked together for eight months to iron out the fine details.
  • The four mechanics in the city of Pelham have been encouraged to apply for openings in the Hoover fleet while subsequently, those that qualify will be employed.

“Pelham’s city manager told the Shelby County Reporter that the city will be able to benefit from the City of Hoover’s fleet resources, including a fleet manager and maintenance software. The change is expected to reduce turnaround time for Pelham’s fleet vehicles.”

Read more: https://www.government-fleet.com/322009/two-alabama-cities-merge-fleet-maintenance-services

Freightliner Introduces Advanced Driving Aids for Big Rigs at CES

Reputable auto brands such as Honda have been implementing software into their vehicles that assist drivers in a safer and hassle-free commute. Freightliner is now improving their own driving aid system, adding a pedestrian detection program to their vehicles. This innovative upgrade has high precision levels in detecting oncoming pedestrians with its built-in radar sensors, as well as a camera that can help the driver see any potential threats ahead of time, allowing them enough time to make a safe decision.

Key Takeaways:

  • To many the fact that driver assistance systems are being introduced on big rigs might come as a surprise because Honda has had it for years.
  • Driver assistance systems such as automatic headlights, automatic high beams, adaptive cruise control, and traffic sign recognition standard are being featured into Freightliner big rigs.
  • The adaptive cruise control is programmed to stop at traffic and resume automatically if the vehicle in front resumes within 2 seconds otherwise driver intervention is needed.

“Current Cascadias have had standard forward collision warning and automatic emergency braking for several years, but the latest system adds pedestrian detection to improve safety in urban areas.”

Read more: https://www.motortrend.com/news/freightliner-introduces-advanced-driving-aids-big-rigs-ces/

Why Your Electrical Maintenance Program is More Important Than Ever

The electrical components within a singular fleet impact nearly every single aspect of the vehicle’s performance. Even if one electrical unit malfunctions, it has the ability to negatively effect the milliamps and jump-start a chain reaction of faulty functionality. Fleet technicians were evaluated on how much they know when it comes to fixing these mechanical issues, and only 75% were able to understand the full applications process. Even more alarming is the fact that just 57% understood advanced issues that can occur.

Key Takeaways:

  • There is a saying that when it comes to electrical maintenance, little things mean a lot.
  • There are loads of functions in a truck that tie in to the electrical system and increase its load. This includes GPS/Navigation system, collision mitigation technology, and antilock brakes.
  • The modern truck has a myriad of sensors which are involved in the monitoring of a growing number of operational parameters for peak performance.

“Truck electrical systems have become highly sophisticated, with multiple micro-processors controlling many truck systems.”

Read more: https://www.government-fleet.com/321121/why-your-electrical-maintenance-program-is-more-important-than-ever

Trucker Saves Dogs Thrown from Vehicle on New York Highway – KTXL FOX 40 Sacramento

During a snowy day in New York, someone in a moving vehicle made the heartless decision to throw beagles out from their moving vehicle onto the highway. One of the dogs ended up so critically injured that he needed to have a leg amputated. A trucker ended up coming across the pups, and made sure that the New York State Police were notified, and that the dogs were safe until authorities arrived. There are still no leads on any suspected related to the case.

Key Takeaways:

  • The police so far have no leads on suspects they say threw out some dogs out of a moving vehicle.
  • Amberly Oria, who is shelter manager for Broome county Humane society states that people have to be sympathetic to these dogs who have been through a lot.
  • According to the trucker who rescued the dogs, they were thrown out of the right window of a Dodge Durango heading towards Cortland.

“A pair of beagle mixes are on the mend after authorities say someone threw them out of a moving vehicle on a snowy New York highway.”

Read more: https://fox40.com/2018/12/15/trucker-saves-dogs-thrown-from-vehicle-on-new-york-highway/

Trucking Group Supports DOT for ‘Common Sense Trucking Safety Ruling’ – Material Handling & Logistics

Right now, fleet operators are told to review and comply to a list of state rest break guidelines that are often repetitive and lack common sense. Fortunately, a movement started by Elaine Chao, the Transportation Secretary, is being funded to provide truckers with common sense rules that promote safe driving. The American Trucking Associations have come forward to commend the idea driven by Chao, and related departments are eager to see how these rules will be more comprehensive and straight-forward.

Key Takeaways:

  • Chris Spear asserts that the new rules is good not only for the trucking industry, but also for the economy and Americans.
  • The ATA petitioned the DOT about rest rules stating that the rules related to driver hours harms safety, conflicts with federal rules, and is unnecessarily burdening interstate commerce.
  • Spear states that congress has been slow in enforcing the rules despite bipartisan, bicameral support despite their importance for the work and safety of truck drivers.

“The American Trucking Associations commended Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao recently for granting the Federation’s petition to pre-empt confusing and duplicative state rest break rules, asserting the federal government’s critical role in regulating interstate commerce.”

Read more: https://www.mhlnews.com/transportation-distribution/trucking-group-supports-dot-common-sense-trucking-safety-ruling

4 Critical Factors for World Class Fleet Management

If you are managing major equipment such as those in the fleet management field, there are several critical factors that you need to become familiar with. It is important to know how to stop your equipment from prematurely breaking, the art behind managing the average fleet size for your company, and knowing how to maximize your fleet utilization. Managers should also be equipped with the knowledge on how to estimate the costs that will go into their current and future projects.

Key Takeaways:

  • Many equipment-management companies are bothered about what they can do to be world class but the author states the answer can be complicated or it can be broad.
  • A world class equipment management company stops equipment from breaking. They do this by putting construction in place safely, on time, and on budget.
  • A world class equipment management company makes sure that it focuses on its operators. They have more effect on reliability and costs than other factors.

“Down events will occur, but you must reduce them to an absolute minimum.”

Read more: https://www.constructionequipment.com/4-critical-factors-world-class-fleet-management

Future Fleet Management Trends

In order to stay relevant in the fleet industry, it is important for owners of transportation companies to stay on top of current trends. Right now, the number one trend in fleet management is that the manager role has transformed into a style of tactical management that requires efficient strategy. Other trends include issues such as maintaining cyber security, the domination of telematics, and being able to successfully analyze any big data that revolves around your company.

Key Takeaways:

  • Fleets have to keep up with emerging trends in the auto industry or they might find themselves scrambling to become relevant.
  • A future trend that is expected in fleet management is the role of the fleet manager. He would have to move from being tactical to strategic management styles.
  • Vehicle sharing services are being developed which are being touted as useful alternatives to standard vehicle leasing or buying strategies.

“While certain developing technological concepts such as autonomous vehicles aren’t anything fleets need to immediately worry over, changes are happening at a rapid pace.”

Read more: https://www.businessfleet.com/321417/future-fleet-management-trends

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